AVC Story

Who we are?

A Group of Committed Individuals having a joint experience of approximately 60 years in Real Estate, Distributions, Retail & Field Work. We are working  as AVC Group Companies, all our businesses are covered under the same brand name. Distributions and Retail Pharmacy being the main focus areas in the current phase. We aim to open 20-25 Pharmacies including Franchisees between 2019-2024.

Our Pharmacy – ZedMed being India’s most convenient pharmacy, brought to you by the AVC Group – One of India’s trusted and reliable Pharmacies, dispensing quality medicines. At ZedMed, we help you look after your own health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones wherever they may reside in India. ZedMed is a well known name in the pharmacy segment of the Country providing comprehensive, world class solutions in the field of Pharmaceutical retail. ZedMed specializes in providing a complete bouquet of products in their store.. The brand, backed by AVC Pharma Private Limited as its parent company specializes in providing the following products through its outlets, in NCR

  • Allopathic medicines
  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • OTC products
  • Surgical products
  • General daily use products
  • Generic Medicines

Our Distributions Comapny – AVC Distributions Private Limited has been in the distribution segment since 2017, we have distributed various products Pan-India, operating from Delhi NCR. Currently focused on the healthcare sector we are distributing Natural air purifying bags for Vridh Veda and intend to introduce many of their upcoming products in the same segment, also distributing N95 Face Mask of superior quality manufactured by Vextron an age old electronic company recently enetered into healthcare.

What we do?

Having Multiple Business Ventures, We aim to excel in each one of them.

We are a Distribution Company, having our stronghold in DELHI NCR. Distributing our products to big retail chains such as TWENTYFOUR SEVEN, MODERN BAZAAR, 98.4 PHARMACIES, DASTAK Deparmental Stores etc to name a few.

We aim to get a hold over distribution of Healthcare products in Delhi NCR in the First Phase.

Under our ZedMed Pharmacies, We Offer fast access to medicines with convenient same day home delivery. We make a wide range of prescription medicines and other health products conveniently available across Delhi NCR. Since we also offer generic alternatives to most medicines, our buyers can expect significant savings.

Our Team

Abhinav Bhaskar CEO & CFO

Seasoned entrepreneur and sales guru, Abhinav has 12 years of experience leading multiple 10+ crore ventures before ZedMed. Abhinav was founder-CEO of a real estate development firm (Commonweal Infrastructure private limited) and more recently CEO of an Import and Distributions Venture (AVC Distributions Venture) his business development and sales expertise has seen ZedMed deliver unprecedented growth in its infancy

Vikram Bir Singh CMO & COO

Founder CEO of India’s first donut Franchise, DONUT MASTER, Vikram is a experienced entrepreneur with holdings in several business in India and Australia. He has been a joint director and COO of Commonweal Infrastructure private limited and AVC Distributions before co-founding ZedMed. Vikram lead operations and Marketing efforts at Zedmed and his innovative marketing initiatives have been invaluable for ZedMed’s growth and success.


Sunny Sangwan CTO & CIO

Serial entrepreneur and technical strategist, sunny has extensive experience with current and past retail interests in New Jersey, Texas and New York as well as being invested in several ecommerce operations in the US. Because of strong technical background (MS in engineering, University of Texas & analytics management, MIT) he has been advising and strategizing for several tech start-ups since 2015. He brings his data analytics and machine learning expertise to develop Zedmed into a truly data driven enterprise.


Manish Jain – BDH

Manish with his field expertise plays a crucial role in the growth story of ZedMed & Distributions, as a Business development Head also leads sales and client-relationship management, tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships, writes proposals and plans, and guides long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements.


Our Vision

To create a vast Distribution network in DELHI NCR in Phase One adding more and more health care related products, growing our reach and visibility to every corner of Delhi, Noida, Greter Noida, Guragon.

To be the most trusted pharmacy for our customers, for their health and wellness needs by consistently understanding their demand and doing our best to fulfil them.

Our Mission

To make available best healthcare and organic products to every one at an affordable price across all corners of Delhi NCR in phase one 2019-2024.

To serve our customers to the maximum, understanding their needs and deliver our best service to our customers. Providing authentic and genuine products at reasonable prices.

Our Values

  • Customer Loyalty: Develop trust and build loyalty by satisfying our customers’ needs and fulfilling their Demands.
  • Honesty: We value transparency and treating everyone fairly
  • Team Work: We believe in lending each other a hand for the good of all
  • Centralization: We believe in keeping things centralized so all details are looked into and managed professionally.
  • Commitment: We are committed to our job and committed to respect the dignity and potential of every individual and treat everyone equally
  • Technology: We believe in using technology to the maximum to increase efficiency and reduce work load.